How to Use Digital Stickers – Goodnotes App

  • This method has been tested on iOS 13, 2020.
  • Goodnotes 5 has been released, and the previous version is no longer available at the app store.

This instruction is for customers who purchased digital stickers from Paperly Planners.

1. Resize & Crop Digital Stickers

You can resize the stickers via Lasso tool. Choose the Lasso tool, select the sticker, then press it about 2 seconds to activate the resize menu.

To crop the sticker sheet, export the sheet, then press the image about 2 seconds to activate the crop menu.


If you want to crop the image already placed in the note, just press image about 2 seconds, click ‘edit’ then tab image again to find a crop menu.


2. Copy & Paste Digital Stickers

I prefer to keep all the stickers I’ve created and purchased into one sticker book. And copy, paste, and crop when actually using them.

To copy, choose the Lasso tool and select the sticker. Then press it about 2 seconds to activate the copy button.


Move to the page you want to paste the sticker. Tab the page for about 2 seconds, then you’ll find a paste button. Crop the sheet as you need.


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  1. after I pasted the image there is not an edit option after I tap on it for two seconds,what am I missing please help

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