Import Hyperlink Notes – Goodnotes App

  • This method has been tested on iOS 13, 2020.
  • Goodnotes 5 has been released, and the previous version is no longer available at the app store.

If you’ve purchased Goodnotes notebook from Paperly Planners, the file format should be a .PDF or .goodnotes. I am using .goodnotes file here for the example, but the exporting steps are almost same for the .PDF files.


If you’re a Mac & iPad user, Airdrop is the best way to go! Unzip the .zip file, and just Airdrop the .goodnotes file to your iPad.

Using Airdrop to sending images

Then choose “Open in Goodnotes” on your iPad.


Click the Dropbox download link which is shared by Paperly Planners. It should be included in the Instruction PDF file.

If you have Dropbox app the link should take you to the Dropbox app. Tap the small dots icon on the right corner, and “Save to my Dropbox” button.


Sometimes, it may prompt you to “Continue to website” despite you already have the app. That’s fine – continue to the website, and tap “Download” button on the right top corner of the browser. Then “Save to Dropbox”

Open the Dropbox app, and go to the file you’ve just saved. Tap the small dots icon on the right top corner, choose “Export” and “Open in Goodnotes” on the sharing menu. You’re all set!


If you do not have a Dropbox app¬†Click “Continue to Website”. Tap the “Download” button on the right top corner of the browser. And, “Direct Download” then use Share or Open it button to save file to your favorite cloud. From there, export .goodnotes file to the Goodnotes app.

On Safari, the process looks like this;

On Chrome, the process looks like this;




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