Add Note Paper to Template Library – Goodnotes App

  • This method has been tested on iOS 13, 2020.
  • Goodnotes 5 has been released, and the previous version is no longer available at the app store. This tutorial will show you the way both in Goodnotes 4 and Goodnotes 5.

This instruction is for customers who purchased a digital notebook template from Paperly Planners.

1. Goodnotes 4 App

See the right below corner of the screen, and you’ll find the “Option” button. Choose the “Template Library” and “Paper” menu, not the “Cover”.


Press the + button to create a new folder. Enter folder name and locate to there. Press “Edit” then the + button, and choose the cloud service you’ve saved your PDF template. I’m using Dropbox. (Image saved to photo roll may an option, but the image quality of PDF is better, so use the PDF format)


Tap “Select All” to import all templates in the cloud folder. Now the papers are available as Goodnotes template.


2. Goodnotes 5

Tap the little gear icon on the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll see “Notebook Templates” menu. Locate there, and choose A4 or letter size, make sure to set “Paper Color” to “All”.


Tap a little + icon, enter the new group name.


Press “Import” and “From Files”. (Do not use “From photos” as possible since the image quality is better in PDF format.)


You’ll see the ‘Browse’ menu on the left side. Choose the cloud service you’ve saved the template. I’m going to use Dropbox.


Locate to the folder you’ve saved the templates. Press “Select” then “Select all” to import them all. Tap “Open”.


You can press and drag the template files to organize them orderly.


I am organizing the folders like this(Name the folders in type/line spacing/color).

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